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Jamie Glazov  of Front Page Magazine interviewed Bill Warner of  the Center for the Study of Political Islam resulting in revelations of fact and logic that are essentially necessary for the preservation of civilization.  I have reproduced a few quotations below to whet your interest.  I want you to click the link above to FP and read the entire article and book mark it for future reference.  Thanks to Dean for tipping me off through this blog post: The Two Kinds of Dhimmis.

We don’t teach this shameful and humiliating history of the deaths of Tears of Jihad for another reason. If we understand the past, then we understand that it is happening today. We don’t want to know it because that would mean we have to do something. We are like the man who suspects that his wife is cheating on him, but doesn’t want to know, because if he knew he would have to act. Ignorance is a good enough reason to do nothing.

But we must teach the apologist dhimmis the history of the subjugated dhimmis. The brutality of dhimmitude is too much to dismiss. The deaths of 270 million are too many to ignore. And what is worse, 210 million of these dead kafirs are “people of color”. Even your uber-liberal dhimmis can get upset at the suffering of “people of color”.

Christians are ignorant about Islam and don’t know how to use Mohammed for their benefit. If you know the life of Mohammed, you can use his brutality, enslavement of kafirs, deceit, and bigotry to attack Islam. The best strategy is to use the knowledge about Mohammed and the Koran to first cause the Muslim to become an apostate and leave Islam. Then they can convert the apostate to Christianity.

It is time for Christians to learn the truth about political Islam’s history and doctrine. Protestant Christianity invented universal education. They must repeat this. This time they must educate themselves about the factual truth aboutIslam.

When you are ready to learn the truth about Islam, CSPI offers several useful books.  If you seek a less expensive (free) and less exhaustive source, my 14 part series of blog posts: Know Thine Enemy includes the essential elements, with links to source documents for further exploration. The Know Thine Enemy series is placed in the public domain for non-commercial use. You may copy those posts and paste them into emails. You may download  the complete html source code from Crusader’s Armory and post it on your own web site.  An outline of the essentials complete with links to the source documents is posted in What You Need to Know About Islam which includes a link to the complete text in a 13KB pdf file you can use as an email attachment to distribute to your friends.


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